Eventos y Conferencias

ICDADSS 2018: 20th International Conference on Decision Analysis and Decision Support Systems

La ICDADSS de este año 2018 se celebrará del 15 al 16 de enero en Zurich (Suiza). Las ponencias aceptadas al día de hoy son las siguientes:

1) Evaluation of Disease Risk Variables in the Control of Bovine Tuberculosis
Berrin Şentürk
2) The Evolving Customer Experience Management Landscape: A Case Study on the Paper Machine Companies
Babak Mohajeri, Sen Bao, Timo Nyberg
3) Teaching Linguistic Humour Research Theories: Egyptian Higher Education EFL Literature Classes
O. F. Elkommos
4) An Approach Based on Statistics and Multi-Resolution Representation to Classify Mammograms
Nebi Gedik
5) Characterization of Extreme Low-Resolution Digital Encoder for Control System with Sinusoidal Reference Signal
Zhenyu Zhang, Qingbin Gao
6) Conciliation Bodies as an Effective Tool for the Enforcement of Air Passenger Rights: Examination of an Exemplary Model in Germany
C. Hipp
7) A Hybrid Image Fusion Model for Generating High Spatial-Temporal-Spectral Resolution Data Using OLI-MODIS-Hyperion Satellite Imagery
Yongquan Zhao, Bo Huang
8) Alternative Dispute Resolution in the Settlement of Environmental Disputes in South Africa
M. van der Bank, C. M. van der Bank
9) Comparative Performance Analysis of Fiber Delay Line Based Buffer Architectures for Contention Resolution in Optical WDM Networks
Manoj Kumar Dutta
10) Investigating Polynomial Interpolation Functions for Zooming Low Resolution Digital Medical Images
Maninder Pal
11) In-Flight Radiometric Performances Analysis of an Airborne Optical Payload
Caixia Gao, Chuanrong Li, Lingli Tang, Lingling Ma, Yaokai Liu, Xinhong Wang, Yongsheng Zhou
12) The Growth of E-Commerce and Online Dispute Resolution in Developing Nations: An Analysis
Robin V. Cupido
13) A High Time Resolution Digital Pulse Width Modulator Based on Field Programmable Gate Array’s Phase Locked Loop Megafunction
Jun Wang, Tingcun Wei
14) Characterizing Multivariate Thresholds in Industrial Engineering
Ali E. Abbas
15) Reflections on Opportunities and Challenges for Systems Engineering
Ali E. Abbas

ICCDSSCC 2018: 20th International Conference on Clinical Decision Support Systems and Clinical Challenges

La ICCDSSCC 2018 se celebrará en París (Francia) los días 15 y 16 de marzo. Las ponencias seleccionadas son las siguientes:

1) Analysis of Stress and Strain in Head Based Control of Cooperative Robots through Tetraplegics
Jochen Nelles, Susanne Kohns, Julia Spies, Friederike Schmitz-Buhl, Roland Thietje, Christopher Brandl, Alexander Mertens, Christopher M. Schlick
2) An Evaluation of the Effectiveness of Health and Safety Induction Practices in the Zambian Construction Industry
Josephine Mutwale-Ziko, Nonde Lushinga, Inonge Akakandelwa
3) A 3-Year Evaluation Study on Fine Needle Aspiration Cytology and Corresponding Histology
Amjad Al Shammari, Ashraf Ibrahim, Laila Seada
4) Erythema Multiforme Exudativum Major Caused by Isoniazid Hypersensitivity in a Child
Azwin Lubis, Rika Hapsari, Zahrah Hikmah, Anang Endaryanto, Ariyanto Harsono
5) Application of Gamma Frailty Model in Survival of Liver Cirrhosis Patients
Elnaz Saeedi, Jamileh Abolaghasemi, Mohsen Nasiri Tousi, Saeedeh Khosravi
6) Classification Method for Turnover While Sleeping Using Multi-Point Unconstrained Sensing Devices
K. Shiba, T. Kobayashi, T. Kaburagi, Y. Kurihara
7) Spectrum of Dry Eye Disease in Computer Users of Manipur India
Somorjeet Sharma Shamurailatpam, Rabindra Das, A. Suchitra Devi
8) A Framework for Early Differential Diagnosis of Tropical Confusable Diseases Using the Fuzzy Cognitive Map Engine
Faith-Michael E. Uzoka, Boluwaji A. Akinnuwesi, Taiwo Amoo, Flora Aladi, Stephen Fashoto, Moses Olaniyan, Joseph Osuji
9) CAGE Questionnaire as a Screening Tool for Hazardous Drinking in an Acute Admissions Ward: Frequency of Application and Comparison with AUDIT-C Questionnaire
Ammar Ayad Issa Al-Rifaie, Zuhreya Muazu, Maysam Ali Abdulwahid, Dermot Gleeson
10) Evaluation of Residual Stresses in Human Face as a Function of Growth
M. A. Askari, M. A. Nazari, P. Perrier, Y. Payan
11) Ethnographic Exploration of Elderly Residents' Perceptions and Utilization of Health Care to Improve Their Quality of Life
Seyed Ziya Tabatabaei, Azimi Bin Hj Hamzah, Fatemeh Ebrahimi
12) Mediation in Turkish Health Law for Healthcare Disputes
V. Durmus, M. Uydaci
13) A SiGe Low Power RF Front-End Receiver for 5.8GHz Wireless Biomedical Application
Hyunwon Moon
14) Classroom Incivility Behaviours among Medical Students: A Comparative Study in Pakistan
Manal Rauf
15) Community‐Based Participatory Research in Elderly Health Care of Paisanee Ramintra 65 Community, Bangkok, Thailand
A. Kulprasutidilok


Del 22 al 25 de mayo de 2018 se celebrará, en Heraklion (Creta, Grecia) la Cuarta Conferencia Internacional sobre Tecnologías de Sistemas de Apoyo a la Decisión, centrada en las estrategias de
apoyo a la decisión sostenibles para los sectores de energía y medioambiente. La conferencia está organizada conjuntamente por EURO Working Group on Decision Support Systems (EWG-DSS) y el grupo PROMETHEE DAYS. Podeis encontrar más información en ICDSST – PROMETHEE 2018


Los días 13 a 15 de junio de 2018 se celebrará en Ljubljana (Eslovenia) la 2018 Open Conference of the IFIP WG 8.3 on Decision Support Systems. Como se indica en su página web, el tema central de la conferencia girará entorno al impacto que los DSS tienen tanto en las empresas como en la sociedad. Se hace hincapié en el objetivo principal de los sistemas de apoyo a la decisión en lo relativo a brindar apoyo a personas y organizaciones que se enfrentan a problemas de toma de decisiones complejas en una variedad de contextos, lo que requiere aplicar la experiencia de DSS a los problemas que surgen en otras disciplinas, como el cuidado de la salud, áreas comerciales específicas, medios de comunicación, etc.